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Coaches/Managers/Volunteers - Application Process 2020


Anyone wishing to coach, manage, or volunteer in Mt Top Area Little League can submit their application & paperwork at any of the player registration dates.
See the league calendar for dates on this website.

Adult Volunteers can submit thier information on line, just open the link below and click submit. Once you submit you will recevive an email requesting additional information.

In order to be approved as a coach or manager you will need to submit the following
items. See note below if you submitted paperwork last season.

1. Complete & submit the on line Registration form.  Open Form
2.  The Little League Adult Volunteer Application for 2020.
3. A copy of your current Drivers Licenses.
4. A copy of your Pennsylvania State Police Background Check.
5. A copy of your Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.
6. Read, sign & attach the Pennsylvania State Disclosure Statement.

Note: PA Sate Police Background Checks and Child Abuse Clearances are good
for five (5) years. You DO NOT need a new one every year.

If you are a first time volunteer in MALL we will not accept applications and paperwork by piecemeal, please submit your application when you have all of the above
attachments and can submit it in its
entirety all at the same time.

Recommendation To Speed Things Up !!
For the State Police Background Check, pay the fee and get the instant check.
(Submit A New Check) If you do the volunteer request it is free but can
take 3 weeks to get back. Again, these checks are good for
5 years, so you do not need a new one every year.

Below are all of the links and forms you need to complete your paperwork.

* On Line Registration form for 2020 (Complete & Hit Submit): Open Form

* New Adult Volunteer Application 2020:    
Print Form

* Returning Adult Volunteer Application 2020:  Print Form

* Back Of Adult Volunteer Form:    Print Form

* Pennsylvania State Disclosure Statement:   Print Form

* State Police Background Check (Website): Open Site

* PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Website):  Open Site or Print Form

* If you have not lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years
you must be fingerprinted. There is a charge for fingerprints: Open Site
Fingerprints are through State Police, or Dept of Human Services: Clarification

* Registration dates where you can drop off your paperwork. Open Page

If you have questions please call